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  • Proving and Calibration Volumetric Prover
  • Proving and Calibration Volumetric Prover
  • Terminal Modifications Installation

We fully back our terminal modification and installation with service and support. We know you’re busy keeping your operation running, so we provide one point of contact for your terminal needs. No need to pick up the phone and find another option when something goes wrong. We’re ready to repair, test, and calibrate your equipment. We’ll even bring our own parts.

Fueling Equipment Parts

When a part fails, we know you’re doing everything you can to lessen your operation’s downtime. We maintain an on-site parts warehouse to give you quick access to the replacement parts you need. Contact Westmor (1 800-992-8981) and get your terminal functioning at full capacity again.

Service and Repair

We’ll repair and service any existing terminal, whether or not we completed the initial installation. We provide on-site evaluations and plan maintenance and inspection programs that are fully customizable to your operation’s needs. In case of an emergency, we’re available 24/7 to make repairs and reduce your downtime. Our experienced crews are certified and maintain an exceptionally high safety rating so that you can feel confident while they’re on the job.

two Westmor employees servicing a terminal pipe

Proving and Calibration

You need your equipment to operate with precision. We have dedicated teams to provide proving and calibration. Schedule your maintenance with us and we’ll keep your equipment accurate and make any necessary repairs to keep your operation compliant with industry standards. Choose quarterly, biannual, yearly, or customized timing for testing. Our teams will track your deadlines and contact you to schedule future maintenance and testing.

Westmor is one of the few companies that offers the option of proving with a small volumetric prover (SVP). We’re also certified to remove the red tag and ensure your meters calibrate correctly.

  • Proving and Calibration
  • Proving and Calibration
  • Proving and Calibration
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